Davis is Hired to Lead Vanguard Hoops

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The Vanguard Knights will have a new basketball coach when they take the court this winter.

Todd Davis, who has been an assistant coach with the program for the past 15 years, will be taking over as head coach for the Knights.

Davis steps into the position after former coach Phillip Small resigned in May, citing differences with the athletic department. Small had been head coach since 2009, winning over 170 games with the Knights and taking them to the Class 7A state semifinals in 2017.

While he understands the responsibility this job brings, Davis says that he’s excited for the challenge.

“The kids always push me to always do better,” said Davis. “Each and every year, there’s always been a burning desire to make Vanguard look good. Ever since I’ve been around the program it’s always been a joy to come and be a part [of it].”

This promotion means more to Davis than just the title. Along with being on the coaching staff for the past 15 years, Davis also played for the Knights when he was a student at Vanguard.

“It’s awesome. My father and I used to sit and talk about this all the time, you know, this is for him,” said Davis. “Everything that he did for me over the years, and he always wanted to see this and this is an awesome feeling — to be head coach at Vanguard High School.”

While this is Davis’s first stint as a head coach, he says the years coaching under Small and the legendary Jim Haley have benefited him as he’s grown as a coach.

“I’ve become much more patient as a coach over the years.” said Davis. “When I first came in I was energetic and ready to go, and you learn over time that patience is definitely something that you have to have as a coach.”

When the season starts for Vanguard, Davis will try to improve on the Knights’ 13-13 record last season, and is excited for the opportunity.

“It’s exciting to be the head coach, and I’m going to continue the tradition that’s already been in place [at Vanguard] for years.”