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Joey Rodriguez Returns at Lake Howell to Coach Hoops

May 14, 2015
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“I always knew in the back of my mind that I wanted to coach,” says Joey Rodriguez. “So for it to be my alma mater and this school and the opportunity to come here and change things, it was something I couldn’t really pass up.”

Step inside Lake Howell’s gym and take a look around. Almost everywhere you can see you’ll find a reminder of what Joey Rodriguez meant to the Silver Hawks basketball program. But if that isn’t enough you can go online and find film of what he did for Lake Howell and beyond.

Joey Rodriguez’s playing days are over but at the young age of 26 his accomplishments on the court will last forever. Point guard for the 2007 Lake Howell state championship team and the 2011 Cinderella run of VCU that made it to the Final Four. But now it’s time for Rodriguez to take on a new role. Head coach of Lake Howell basketball.

“Bringing Joey home and being a part of what was here before and building that back I think that’s what excites me,” athletic director Danya Harris said. “And I think that’s what excites a lot of the teachers that were here that were teachers of Joey, those were things that excited me and excited the community to bring him back and get him involved.”

Since Joey graduated Silver Hawk basketball just hasn’t been the same. Only 3 winning seasons out of the past 8. And even more recently Lake Howell won only 3 games two years ago and just 4 last season.

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