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Bartow’s Bradley aims to build skills

November 24, 2014
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If there’s one thing you learn about Tony Bradley very quickly when talking to him it’s that he has his priorities in order.

Another is that the forward has got serious game.

That skill has put the 6-foot-10 Bartow post player on lists of the top juniors in the United States.

He is now ranked 28th on the ESPN top 60 juniors and 42nd on the Rivals top 150 juniors, but it’s not something that has gone to his head.

“I was thinking it was good for me, but I still have to work hard,” Bradley said. “It really doesn’t mean anything. I don’t look at that I did something or accomplished something. I look at it that OK, it’s great, but I still have to keep working hard and get better.”

Bartow coach Terrence McGriff credits Bradley’s parents for the juniore_SSRqs staying grounded and not getting a big head. And he especially credits Bradley’s father, Tony Sr., who played basketball at Bartow and in college, for Bradley entering high school with strong shooting skills and good footwork.

“A lot of the skill he has he had before got here,” McGriff said. “What we try to do is work on his ball handling to where he’s comfortable playing on the perimeter because at the next level, he’ll have to play inside and out.e_SDRq

Bradley was a three-sport athlete growing up. He was a pitcher/first baseman in baseball and also played football and basketball. By the time he entered high school at 6-6, he had decided to focus on basketball exclusively.

And why not? It was as a freshman that he finally beat his dad playing one-on-one basketball.

“It felt great,” the soft-spoken Bradley said with a smile.

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