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Winter Newsletter 2015-2016

January 14, 2016
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Max Preps reports by schools is the path to all-state recognition, all star game invitations and state rankings

The FABC is asking all schools to report all game scores along with player stats for state rating purposes and future all state recognition. Do not include any pre-season classic game results. If you made the mistake of reporting them please go back & delete those 1 or 2 game scores & stats. The reason for this important request is because the news media charges a monthly fee to get into their website.

FABC “Future Shootouts” to possibly expand into Panhandle & Broward County in April and June

The FABC “Future Shootouts” have been a mainstay in both Orlando and Tampa which highlights the “top 20” returning underclassmen  boys and girls players returning for the 2016-17 season. We feel it is important to expand into the Panhandle area which would go from the Pensacola to I-75 area of the Suwannee River and chose the Fort Lauderdale area to service Palm Beach, Dade, and Broward counties. This event is only $25 which includes game jersey, insurance, pre-game brunch, plus 40 minute college game. Its format is a girls-boys doubleheader featuring top 9th through 11th stars. We are negotiating with 2 schools to be hosts. The FABC has made it a priotity to be affordable to the player’s family by not having any event cost over $25 including our all start games in March.

Coaching Changes breaks 200+ mark for 5th straight year

Since the FABC has been tracking coaching changes in the state on the high school, juco, & university levels there seems to be the magical number barrier of 200+ each year. This past spring and summer we have 225 new coaches with the highest mark of 250 two years ago. This trend is not good for basketball but will probably never change for various reasons. Hopefully this staggering number will be reduced under 200 in the future.

FABC to introduce state – wide radio talk show beginning in December through March

Promoting Sunshine State boys & girls high school  basketball is one of the main goals of the FABC. Starting on December 14th the FABC will have their own 1 hour call-in radio show produced by NBC sports radio which will feature all boys hoops in the first ½ hour of the  show & all girls hoops in the second half hour in early December with live coach  interviews.

There will be a monthly shows in January 4th, February 1st & March 1st all on Monday nights at 7:00 – 8:00pm. The show can be picked up over your computer. The website address will be www.floridasportstalk.fm. You will be updated on the programming for each show. Coaches also will have a text line available to have questions answered over the air.

Coaching Clinic to be held Saturday – September 10th @ Oviedo HS

Fall FABC Clinic will be held on Saturday – September 10th at Oviedo HS. The staff will include college & high school coaches to be announced later this summer via email.  Your FABC membership includes the free clinic.

Classified Announcements a Huge Success & Great Benefit for Members Only.

The FABC classified announcements  to fill games & tournaments had another successful year at an incredible 90% success rate. The key is that we deliver directly through the head coach. Some examples in emergency situations have turned from a negative to a positive. A school named a head coach in August. The new coach had to fill 11 games. In 24 hours, he had the job completed in “Miracle Fashion”.

Another coach had a team drop out in a pre-Christmas tourney on a Friday with the event starting on Monday. She had 3 schools call in a 15 minute period. She could not believe the FABC pulled this off in such a short period of time. We have in the past helped out non-members at a charge of $10 but that was changed by the Board to not honor their request.

It is only fair to make members a priority. Lastly, a school in Southwest Florida had a team pull out of a pre-season classic on Monday at Noon for a Tuesday night game & had it filled that same afternoon the request was made.

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