Coach Jon Mason has Mosley girls at high level

December 30, 2014
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Lynn Haven, FL—The Mosley girl’s basketball team is certainly riding high so far this season. 16 games played so far, and 15 of those games ending with Mosley wins.

The Lady Dolphins success you could say, is a byproduct of Bay High School. Since the team’s led by Bay alum Jon Mason.

Coaching high school hoops says coach Mason means this to him.

“Man, it’s been a dream come true. I couldn’t tell you when I graduated from college that I would be coaching high school basketball, but just to pass on my knowledge, and trying to help some of these girls achieve their dream, it’s great.”

The 2004 Bay High grad used to put in work against the Mosley guys. Now, he’s putting in his time to lead the Mosley girls.

“I’ve always loved basketball. It was a tool that helped me further my education . And I say why not try to help these girls, or young men around the community, just by basketball, give them an opportunity to get out of the community.”

“He’s a good coach.” says Mosley junior J’nyiah Daniels. “He cares us about us. Like, even if we’re doing good, he still pushes us harder, to do better.”

“He actually explains to us,” says senior Mackenzie Perot “when you come out of the game , he explains what we’re doing wrong.”

“He tells us to pick our teammates up and don’t get down on each other.” adds Daniels. “And just have fun . You can’t be mad on the court, you’ve just gotta hoop!”

Now this tight-knit team couldn’t be pulled apart by the sharpest of instruments.

“Just being around them all the time,” says senior Hennessey Smith “in the hallway, at practice, playing together, when we’re winning, having fun.”

And it is letting Mason guide them to the top.

“Man I am unbelievably proud of them.” says coach Mason. “But I am also a perfectionist. So when we win, if we win by five, I want to win by ten. And that’s one thing that they understand that there is always something that we can take from a game. Whether it’s a win or it’s a loss, there’s always something that we can take from a game, to improve .”

Mosley’s only loss so far this season, a 37-35 defeat earlier this month to another area powerhouse, Choctaw, which is 16-0. Those two tangle again January 17th at Choctaw.

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